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            ABOUT US

            ABOUT US

                 Nanjian Pumps was founded in 1992 with a plant size of 15000 square meters.There are 130 experienced employees and 20 technique engineers in our company.We are a professional produce cooling pump and oil pump,which also integrate R&D and sales. The company advocate technology innovation and promote technological  development,it introduces advanced maching equipments and testing machines,such as three coordination measuring apparatus ,pumps test stand  and so on.It had been introduced the application of 5S in production management and passed the ISO9001:2000 quality system attestation in  2003,then following the developing,we stictly follow with new quality standard of ISO...

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            CONTACT US

            Contact: Tim Wong

            Phone: 18659532898

            Tel: 0595-86781462

            Email: tim-nj@hotmail.com

            Add: Quanzhou city in fujian province, the western suburbs of abundant state golden yida industrial zone